What is pi Network and How to earn Coin

What is Pi Network?

Pi network is a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. We all know how to do Cripto  money transfer etc. By the way, there is a network through which we can buy goods in exchange for the Pi or transfer them to the wallet of the Pi. Was launched in the month of March 2019. The owner of the network is Nicolas Koklis, the program he created. Pi network is a chaines company which is increasing day by day their users. Pi network users have grown to 29 million from 2019 to 2021

What is the value of pi?

There are many websites that tell the value of pi, but that value is telling us wrong, but in reality the value of pi is 0 Rupees 0 $. Yes, I can say with certainty that in the coming days, the price of Pai is going to be sky-high. One reason for this is also believed that if the users of Pi are more, then its value will also be more. The Pi price is going to be $100 plus Value.

How to earn pi coin?

You don't need to make any investment to earn pi, but you can earn coins by mining pi network app on your phone. You have to open the app within 24 Horse and once you tap on the mine button you will be able to start mining.

The good thing here is that you can increase the speed of more mining by inviting your friends to earn more Pi. The more people you join with your referral code and that too your friend will be mining, your mining rate will be able to get more coins.

At present, mining is being done for free, but in the coming days, mining will also not be free.

When will the Pi network launch?

As you people do not know, then let me tell you that Pi Network has been launched since 2019, it is not 100% launched yet, people are waiting for it to be launched. Currently the Pai network is working on the mininet and will be rolled out by the end of December 2021. Pi network company is working very hard

Pi network app, keep this thing in mind

You also have to keep some things in mind that

1- Whatever is the name of your document, you have to do it in the name Pi app.

2- It is necessary to verify the number with the number from which you have logged in to the Pi app.

3- If your Facebook account is not verified, then do it all.

Install The Pi browser

Download the app from the Pi Network app by clicking on the Pi Browser in the sidebar.

You will get a wallet to transfer 100 pi, which you can transfer pi to anyone for testing. Here you will know how to transfer and receive the Pi.

You will have to create your Wallet Address and Wallet Password and save it wherever you are, when your wallet is active, that is, when you have to make a transfer, then you will be able to do the transaction of Pi from your wallet address itself. How much Pi did you transfer to whom in the Pi browser, it may also show the transaction history.


1- Create Pi Wallet

Pi can be stored and received. Do this first.

2- How many pi do you want to store Pi lock

You can lock as many Pi as you want in your Pi account, you will have to do it first until the mainet is live. It will benefit you that the more you lock the Pi , the higher the mining rate will get.

3- Submit Your Identity Verification

This option is coming soon for now. When the verification is done then you will have to submit your document.

Have your team at Pi Network complete the verification.

Pie network has also said that all the friends you have invited have to be id verified.

If your friends do not verify, then their mined Pi coin will not be rewarded to you.

What is Unverified Balance Pi?

.Unverified Balance is what you got from Referral Team of Bonus and Security Circle which is the estimated amount. You will be credited the rewards when the minenet fully launched.

What is transferable balance?

Transferable balance is that whatever you have mined from your mobile, that balance will show you wallet may show after document is verified after minenet is live.

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